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Comparison of the Maori Culture Through the Years in Images


The Maori women from the Tamaki village performing the “Poi Dance,” a traditional ball dance that the women perform for the tourist in 2011.


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The “Poi Dance,” a traditional ball dance that is being performed by a group of Maori women during the 1913.


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The “Haka,” a traditional war danced is being performed by the New Zealand national rugby team to intimidate the other team.


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Videos of Cultural Tourism in the Maori Community

Ki Ora! or Hello! The first video that I chose is the Northern Alliance NZ.  This video shows a Maori village performing the Pōwhiri, or the welcoming ceremony for the tourists. The Pōwhiri happens outside on the open ground called, marae, it’s a way for the host village to welcome their guests. In the video, the person that uploaded the video adds in some captions of the stages of the ceremony. First is the Pōwhiri, which is the welcome, then it’s the Wero, which is the challenge that the host village proposes to the guests to see if they are friend or foe. The host will then offer a challenge token, or Taki, which is usually a tree branch, to the guest. If the guest accepts the Taki, it “shows that they come in peace”, and then leads to the Karanga, which is the welcome call from the host village to the guests to come forward onto their marae (Pōwhiri information from: Pōwhiri-Maori Welcome).

Northern Alliance NZ (Nov. 5, 2012)   

The person that uploaded the video is called Northern Alliance NZ  which is the same name as the title of the video. I tried clicking on their page, but there was no description of the person and there was no other video than the one that I have. I tried googling the name, but there was still no hit. All I got was Northern Regional Alliance, which is a medical group. I can make the assumption that the guests in the video are the medical group, but there isn’t enough information to support this assumption. Since the name has NZ, most people would think that it’s biased, but with the lack of information we will never know.  The video was for entertainment and educational purposes because the group of people were tourists and they were learning about Pōwhiri. Also there were captions that explained the stages of the ceremony. The video is licensed as a Creative Commons with reuse allowed.                                                                                                       


N. (2012, November 05). Northern Alliance NZ. Retrieved February 22, 2017, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLe-ftO3jKQ

The second video that I chose is the Tamaki Tours Rotorua Cultural Show Performance 1. This video it shows the people of Tamaki  (a Maori village in Rotorua, NZ) doing the Haka, a war dance, for the tourist that came to their cultural show. Rotorua is a big tourist attraction since they have the Tamaki people to hold cultural shows, displaying their dances, songs and ceremonies. In the video the men and women both perform the Haka, which is a dance that is used in many occasions and has different meanings depending on the occasion. Originally, the Haka was used before war to intimidate the opponent (If you watch rugby, the All Blacks perform the Haka before a match). The Maori would bulge their eyes, stick out their tongues and scratch/hit their chests to show that they fear nothing.

Tamaki Tours Rotorua Cultural Show Performance (Dec. 31, 2009)

The person that uploaded the video is called Wolf1437, I clicked on his channel and found that he was just a tourist in New Zealand. There’s no information about what he does, but based on his videos he was just a tourist that shows no bias. The purpose of the video was for entertainment, to show his experience with the Maori culture during his visit. The video was licensed as a Creative Commons with reuse allowed.


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