Cultural Tourism with the Maori People from Aotearoa

Back in the days, in order for someone to learn about the culture of a group of people, they would have to physically go and visit the country that they live in. Today, we can easily go on our phones or laptops and get information about the culture without having to leave the room. But what if being able to go to another country and actually experience the way that they live then people would have a better understanding. I think that’s why tourism plays a major part in cultures. They give people that want visit for a week or so the opportunity to have an insight into their cultures. One of the groups that I have always wanted to visit for quite some time are the Maori people from New Zealand .

New Zealand, also known as Aotearoa, is located in the South Pacific. It is the country that is on the bottom right side of Australia when looking at a map. It is also below the Polynesian Islands of Fiji and Tonga. New Zealand has somewhat of an elongated shape, hence the name Aotearoa that the Maoris gave their country. Aotearoa is translated to, land of the long white cloud. It has two islands the North Island and the South Island that makes up its elongated shape.

The reason why I chose to look at the Maori people is because with every  research project that I have done, I’ve always looked at the Polynesian Islands to do research. My reasons for my focus on the Polynesian Islands are obvious, but the Maori people is the only group that I haven’t fully explored. With all of the neighboring islands in Polynesia, the cultures are very similar. But what makes the Maori culture stand out to me is are their legends. With the Samoan culture, we have our own legends but we adapted to the Christian belief on how things were created and forgotten some of our legends. Their stories of their great warriors were the reasons why I was so intrigued by the culture. Now I have the opportunity to learn more about their culture and the great stories of their legends.

Some of the tourist activities that are associated with the Maori people are:

  • A tour of significant places from the history of the Maori people.
  • Being able to learn the ways of the Maori culture (learning the greetings and how to weave a basket).
  • Also being able to ask questions and comments with the local Maori people.

Cultural tourism is a great way for people from all over the world to be able to get a glimpse into the Maori culture. It’s a way for the tourists to actually be involved and learn about the culture, instead of just reading about it online. Hopefully one day I will be able to visit the Maori people and get the chance to learn their culture.

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